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Don’t worry, Al Gregg’s not as moody as he looks in this photo which was snapped on the set of the film Confessions of a Hitman in which he portrayed DCS Frank Cater – Al is in fact one of the nicest blokes you are ever likely to meet.

Starting out as a punk musician, as a teenager, Al played guitar in various bands including Three Minute Warning, Four Minds Crack and The Wall. Following The Wall’s demise he trained as an actor and has appeared in many popular TV shows including Eastenders, Casualty, The Bill, Soldier Soldier and Lovejoy. Film credits include, The Real American, Joe McCarthy and Dr Easy.

Born in West Brompton, Al is a lifelong Chelsea supporter and season ticket holder and his love of the Blues and Punk provided the inspiration for his debut novel The Wrong Outfit which was critically acclaimed by Vital Football as “Excellent. It just has to be read. It's epic, exhilarating, spellbinding and a remarkable read”. Praise indeed, and well justified. The Wrong Outfit sees Al really nail down what it was like to be a teenager growing up during a time of great social change that was as exciting as it was terrifying. 

What happens next? 

"I'm hoping to follow up The Wrong Outfit with a sequel called A Right Fit Up, which follows the main character, Adam Nedman, through the rest of the '80s and ‘90s -- right up until 2003 and the timely arrival of Roman Abramovich, beckoning a new Chelsea”, says Al. "However, this endeavour may take some time as I've recently become a father, and I might well be side-tracked by my son's committed pursuit of captaining the Blues at some point in the future”. Watch this space … on both fronts!

Follow Al on Twitter @AGreggle