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Chris Morgan started writing almost before he could speak and was given the gift of Chelsea by his father around the age of six or seven, and has been following the Blues for very nearly three decades since. Quite literally over land and sea. Years spent living and working in London with a season ticket were interrupted by a year in Singapore and two years in Dubai where he currently lives. The away trips are longer than they used to be, but the love remains the same.

Chris tells us, “I’ve always loved the phrase – ‘Faith is a slippery thing but my love is unconditional’. That sums up a lot about why I love Chelsea and a bit about me as a person to be honest. Being Chelsea means knowing the endless capacity to break your heart and the very inimitably Chelsea way of snatching unbelievable defeat from the jaws of glorious victory. That is one of themes that run through my writing; the idea of love and heartbreak, the tension of daring to believe knowing heartbreak will surely follow, of high hopes and of crushing disappointment. Ideally without sounding like a Morrissey record!”

Chris is an unashamedly descriptive and flowery writer with a gift for observation that adds intense realism. His debut novel Coming Clean challenges preconceptions and explores themes that make you think while remaining accessible with easy-to-follow narrative. Coming Clean is as much a story about London as it is about two people and their battles with their own self-image. Like England’s capital city itself there are endless highs and bottomless lows.

Another of Chris’ great loves is music and this forms another central theme that runs through almost everything he does, writing or otherwise. Readers of Coming Clean will see music woven into the story with some skill, and lovers of dance music in particular will relate to the role this genre plays almost as another character in the book.

Finding the writing process addictive has seen Chris embark on a new novel which is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Follow Chris on Twitter @blueyonderCFC