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The Peter Pan of Chelsea authors, 27-year-old Kelvin Barker has been a Stamford Bridge regular since 1970, when his dad took him to his first game at the tender age of five.  A native of Shepherds Bush, Kelvin grew up amongst that rarest and strangest of species: QPR fans.  This might explain his renowned contempt for the W12 minnows, although it could equally be due to the fact that they are simply a very irksome bunch of cretins.  Either way, the only thing that could make QPR any more contemptuous in Kelvin's eyes would be if they signed Adrian Chiles.  The strength of his feelings towards the Boglin-faced TV dullard is equally legendary.

A fondness for the distinctly unglamorous 1980s spawned Kelvin’s first book, Celery! Representing Chelsea in the 1980s. Originally published in 2006, a second edition of Celery featuring updates and additional player interviews was published in 2015.   Ask him to name his favourite Blues player and he will reel off the names of John Neal's famous 1983-84 promotion-winning squad; press Kelvin further and he will bore you rigid with the reasons why Joey Jones is the most important signing in Chelsea's history.

A somewhat perverse individual, Kelvin gave up a long career in the film industry to reinvent himself as a housing developer.  No, me neither.  His claim to fame is that he told his wife that Munich was the greatest night of his life ... and lived to tell the tale.

In addition to writing Celery, Kelvin has co-authored Chelsea Here Chelsea There and Making History, Not Reliving It with Mark Worrall and David Johnstone. He is due to have another 27th birthday next year.

Follow Kelvin on Twitter @ChelseaKelv